Maurizio Gattiglio

Peter Dröll

Mikel Niño

Track A: The European Products (and services) of the Future

Bianca Maria Colosimo

Javier Arenas

Anita Przyklenk

Dr. Sotiris Makris

Javier Díaz

Track B: The Energy Challenge for Manufacturing

Timm Kuhlmann

José Ignacio Hormaeche

Nuria Gisbert

Philippe Vollet

Arnaud Lagarde

Vasiliki Panagiotopoulou

Track C: Circular Manufacturing: bringing together materials, processes, products and information

Lorenzo Gaspari

Arrate Olaiz

Panos Stavropoulos

Sandrine Lebigre

Ander Elgorriaga

Jan Post Philips

Track D: Speeding up the Manufacturing Innovation Cycle: success stories & challenges

Xavier Baillard

Giuseppe Saragó

Salome Lessmann

Jolanta Zubkauskienė

Sam Turner

Ane Irazustabarrena

Main conclusions & remarks/closing

Måns Lindberg